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All barns are not created equal . . .


The Patchwork Farm feeding program is tailored to the individual horse, featuring high quality feeds. Our older horses are fed a special Senior feed. We also feed beet pulp with alfalfa cubes to most of our horses which not only helps keep them fat and shiny but also the calcium in the alfalfa helps protect their stomachs from ulcers. Our horses are turned out daily on lush grass pastures weather permitting and on wet days they are turned out on all weather paddocks. In the barn, the horses always have hay in front of them. We like our horses to be able to munch all day, like nature intended.

We utilize the “SmartPak” system for our horses’ supplements. At the shows, we pack everything up with no interruption to our feeding program.


Farm View

We rely on the expert work of our team’s professionals to keep our horses healthy and happy. Each horse is an individual and is treated as such. It couldn’t be easier for our owners- we handle all scheduling. Payment is made from the owner’s Equine Care Account. As a part of our routine health care management, all our horses receive regular visits from our farrier, who is at the farm every Tuesday. Horses are shod at 4-6 week intervals as needed. We take care of all veterinary matters- vaccinations and any other health care or soundness matters. Our horses also receive the attention of our chiropractor and massage therapist at the owner’s direction- we should all be so pampered!

  • Veterinarian: Dr. Carly Whittal, DVM, and associates at Horner and Nash
  • Farrier: Matt Wheeler
  • Equine Chiropractor: Diana Salzmann
  • Laser Therapy: Equine Laser Georgia
  • Magna Wave: Kelli Gibson