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Patchwork Farm is now offering full service rehabilitation services by referral.

Our services include:

Stalls have yoke windows: All of our rehab stalls have yoke windows to let the horse feel less enclosed and enjoy the scenery and sunshine!

Yoke Windows

Fully enclosed hand grazing area with dutch door options: We understand that having a horse on stall rest or limited turnout and exercise can be tricky. We have a fully enclosed hand grazing area for our rehab horses. This enables both the staff or the owner to feel secure while allowing the horse to still enjoy some time outside of the stall. Our rehab stalls have dutch doors off the back that open directly into the enclosed grazing area for safety and convienence.

Hand Grazing

Theraplate: this machine has quickly become a very popular place to be at Patchwork Farm. We not only love to put our horses on the TheraPlate regularly but often see their owners on it as well! Here is a short list of benefits and ailments that the TheraPlate addresses: increases circulation, Increases Bone Density (>30%), Increases Muscle Mass, Reduces Swelling & Inflammation, Reduces Injuries, Faster Healing  (2-3 times), Improves Joint Health & Function , Decreased Lameness, Reduced Stress, Pain Relief, Increased Hoof Growth, Maintain Muscle Mass - Stalled Horses, Warm Up/Warm Down, OCD, Hocks and Stifles , Speed Fracture Healing, Improves Under Run Heels & Thin Soles, High Suspensory Injuries, Founder, Laminitis

Click here for the full tour of the Theraplate




Treadmill: The Kraft horse treadmill is an important addition to the training and rehabilitation at Patchwork Farm. It offers individual adjustments for the needs and demands of both rider and horse. A custom training and therapy plan can easily be pre-programmed for the special needs of a horse. The treadmill can help in motion analysis for medical issues such as lameness and then the slow and careful program to getting the horse back to its peak fitness.

Equine Treadmill

Multiple Pasture Options: We offer several different pasture options from small, all-weather paddocks to large grass turnout depending on the needs of the horse.